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Legislative Recap

Delivering For Florida’s Families

2021 Legislative Recap

Florida’s 2021 legislative session has come to a close! It’s good to be back home and reflect on what we’ve been able to accomplish in the past couple of weeks.

So, to keep you updated, I have put together a brief review of the 2021 legislative session. Over the past couple of months, I led the charge in passing three bills, co-sponsored 25 successful pieces of legislation, answered 13,000 emails, secured $625,000 for Leon County, and served on our House Democratic Leadership as a Deputy Whip.

Here’s a recap of the three bills I passed this session…

HB 117 directs the Agency for Persons with Disabilities to create roadmaps for every person with a disability and their family.

This legislation ensures that persons with disabilities, their guardians, and their families understand the resources available for education, careers, Social Security Disability, and more. This ensures that individuals with a disability and their loved ones know which resources they should explore in order to maximize their lives to achieve maximum success.

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HB 173 strengthens the workforce path for individuals with disabilities.

With this legislation, career planning for children with disabilities will begin in middle school. Individual education plans (IEPs) for students with disabilities will include information on career and post-secondary education options.

Specialty License Plate bill will provide much-needed funding for Florida parks and infrastructure.

The legislation includes a specialty license plate benefitting infrastructure, wildlife habitats, and accessibility in Florida’s parks.

Some of my other co-sponsored bills that passed also include:

  • Protecting Consumers Against Pandemic-related Fraud
  • Students with Disabilities in Public Schools
  • First Aid Training in Public Schools

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