I want to hear from you

Did you know that every Monday, I set up at Redeye Coffee in Tallahassee so that I can hear from my constituents? I do this because I believe communication between elected officials and the people is essential for any functioning government.

I listen to folks talk about the issues that matter to them, and lately I’ve been hearing a lot from working Floridians worried about the rising cost of living — people who are worried about the affordable housing crisis, rising inflation, childcare costs, property insurance costs, and more.

It’s clear that North Florida families NEED solutions. 

Right now, my fellow legislators and I are gearing up for a Special Session on the property insurance crisis, and I want to make sure it’s an opportunity for your voice to be heard.

Can you fill out this brief survey letting me know how the property insurance crisis and rising cost of living has affected you?

I’m ready to fight for solutions for this community. 

And I’m no stranger to working across the aisle when it comes to getting things done for working families — this year alone, despite being in the minority party, I passed five major bipartisan bills, co-sponsored 50 successful pieces of legislation, and secured critical funding for our community.

If I don’t see you for coffee at the Redeye, you can still keep me in the loop on the issues affecting you and what you’d like to see done about it. Click here to let me know your thoughts on the property insurance crisis, the rising cost of living, and more.

Thank you,

Allison Tant

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