On the Issues

Supporting Children with Disabilities

Allison has led the fight to fight for children with disabilities, both before and while in office. As the mother of her beloved son, Jeremy, who was born with a complex physical, developmental, and cognitive disability called Williams Syndrome, she believes every child deserves all the opportunities this world has to offer them. Disabilities should not be a deterrent to achieving one’s goals.

Fighting for Equality & Equity

Allison stands with people from all strands of life, regardless of who they love or the color of their skin. But oftentimes, the scales are tipped against different communities and Allison is committed to ensuring an equitable Florida.

Improving our Education System

Allison has spent her whole career working to reform our Pre-K, K-12, and college education system. She believes every child deserves access to a quality education, regardless of their upbringing.

Uplifting our Veterans

As the daughter and wife of U.S. Veterans, Allison has seen firsthand the struggles Veterans face. We owe every veteran our gratitude, our respect, and our support, and Allison has a clear record of fighting for Veterans.

Protecting our Environment

Florida will be ground zero in the country for the impacts of climate change. Our community is lucky to have access to such a precious natural environment, and we must protect our environment for future generations to enjoy. To that end, Allison is committed to advocating for sustainable policies to ensure Florida continues to be a beautiful state everyone can enjoy.

Supporting Small Businesses

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses and our economy were hit hard and continue to struggle. Allison wants to ensure that our state is providing every resource and leverage it can to support small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of Florida’s economy and must be sustained.

Making our Community Safer

At the core of the government’s mission is to keep our residents safe. That is always my top priority, and that means we need to support our law enforcement officers, and provide them with the tools they need to be successful and better serve all Floridians.

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